Enrico Rosa

An extremely versatile guitar virtuoso always exploring various musical fields.
Session man, composer and arranger, in Italy and Denmark since 1971.

In 1973 composed and recorded a Symphonic Rock Album with his "Campo di Marte"a milestone of the Italian progressive rock of the 70s, reissued on CD in 1994, 2005 and 2006 on Vinyl.

In Italy, from 1972 to 1978 guitarist for Gianni and Marcella Bella, as well as on several productions by CBS and UA working in studios and concerts with Ares Tavolazzi, Giulio Capiozzo, Demetrio Stratos (Area), De Piscopo, Goran Marianowich etc. In Denmark has performed solo or in the Jazz field with Max Leth, Hugo Rasmussen, Jesper Lundgaard, Ole Kock Hansen, Niels Jørgen Steen, Willy Egmose, Hans Esbjerg among many others.

At the end of the 70s Enrico Rosa moved to Denmark and started solo concerts by classical guitar playing fusion between classical music and Jazz, using his right-hand technique developed in the 60s, by combination of plectrum and finger picking.

From 75 - 78 Enrico joins professional dance and show bands in Scandinavia, Germany and Italy touring around with them.

During the 80s, in Denmark, soloist on Yamaha concerts where he performed solo on several electric and acoustic guitars, releasing a solo LP "Eureka" and "Made by Wind" as well as solo performances on several TV and radio shows.

From 1981 to 1990 arranger and guitarist at Sans Souci Theater (Kolding DK) touring with Dario Campeotto, Sniff Neumann, Grethe Sønk, Jan Schou.

In concert with big band and Danish rock singer Jette Torp as well as The Odense Symphony Orchestra with Sarah Brightman and the recording of Ron Goodwin film scores.

On tour with Latin (o) touch (Tony Cigna's group) with Flavio Piantoni on bas, Orazio Maugeri on Saxophone and Francois Bahu on piano.

In 2001 Enrico has been working on the recording of Passione & Musica with Torben Bøtker Bjørnskov (bas) , Frank Thøgersen (percussion), Alexandr Matin Sass (piano), in Denmark, and in October 2002 with Ferdinando Argenti (piano) in the USA releasing in 2003 To the old Friendship

The first CD with ROSÆ - Classico Atipico is also recorded and released in 2002.

From July 2003 Enrico starts again Campo di Marte including Eva on recorders and Digital Wind Controller, producing a new Live recording, in Italy, Concerto Zero released in February 2004, in 2006 ROSÆ Chamber Prog "The Incredible Journey"

2006 in Italy Jazz/Rock - Link XII with the album "Back Home"

2009 a new Jazz tour in the USA and a recording, released on CD in september 2010, "Boston Gig" - with David Clark on Bass, Jim Lattini on Drums and Ferdinando Argenti on Piano.

Enrico Rosa has been teaching on Conservatories and other Musical Institutes since 1979 and has been a part of the creation of the Conservatory of Jazz/Funk/Rock in Denmark as well as the complementary music education as MGK in Denmark.---