"To the old friendship"

Argenti & Rosa

**Eva Rosa - alto recorder, Enrico Rosa - guitar, Ferdinando Argenti -piano.

Recorded on October the 17th 2002 at:

Thin Ice Productions Recording Studios, North Andover(Boston), Massachusetts , USA

This production is dedicated to the old friendship and joy of playing together
that unite the stories of two fine Italian musicians.
The first track: Sqwaqwaz-
(a nickname they used to call each other) - is minor blues jam on a funky groove, much like the ones they used to jam on in 1977, playing together for the first time: music full of energy and with no second thoughts. The second track, Copenhagen, calls us back to the time in which they met again in Denmark, in 1981; by then they had become more deeply involved in jazz and both liked to create special atmospheres, this one in particular inspired by the city of Copenhagen.
Track 3, Mondiale (worldwide), shows a way of exploring music with a kind of more "global" approach they both were searching for in the 80s; here Eva plays the first theme very lyrically on alto recorder, while Enrico creates nice contrasts with his harmonic tessitura; then Ferdinando takes over with a lovely solo interlude, and after Enrico's second theme, the two friends continue, taking it into beautiful jazz phrasing and a vigorous funky ending.
Three minutes blues is a modal blues from the early 80's, jamming, as blues should be.
The poly-rhythmical Dubbio (Doubt), was composed in 1981, when the two friends wanted to produce their music in Denmark, but it took more then twenty years before life finally gave them the opportunity in Boston, Massachusetts; which brings us to the final composition on this recording, appropriately, Boston; the tune was written on the way to the USA and it just speaks for itself.

Total running time, 39:45.

1)Sqwaqwaz (E. Rosa) demo mp3

2)Copenhagen (F.Argenti) demo mp3

3)Mondiale (F: Argenti)**

4)Three minutes blues (E. Rosa)

5)Dubbio (E.Rosa)

6)Boston (E. Rosa)** demo mp3

Special thanks to Ferdinando's wife, Suzanne Argenti, for her hospitality, support,

and Great sense of humor.

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